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The foundation of our services is a digital and interactive platform that enables organizations to be trained and empowered by some of the world’s leading experts and thought leaders. We offer self-managed training and transformation programs that help companies and organizations improve their ways of working in an easy, scalable, and sustainable fashion.

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This is in 3 min is a hub of knowledge for all types of improvement concepts and management philosophies, such as Agile, Lean, and Toyota Production System (TPS). Instead of relying on a single concept, we offer our clients the most suitable service depending on the context and the client’s need or goal.  The vision of is to create self-improving organizations. This is why it is natural for us to involve all managers and all employees in a transformation. We want to empower the whole organization so that everyone can reach and utilize their full potential.

Irrespective of the type of service selected, we always strive to follow three principles:

Become a customer centric organization

We train our clients to see and analyze their operations through the eyes of their customers instead of “reaching in the dark” from separate silos. The primary focus is to develop stable and efficient end-to-end flows. By doing so, we can help our clients eliminate wasteful activities and increase their ability to deliver true customer value.  

Build committed and connected teams 

We support our clients in breaking down their silos by fostering cross-functional collaborations across the entire value chain. When teams are connected and integrated into “one team”, it enables them to see the bigger picture, which in turn increases their ability and commitment to be effective (i.e., doing the right things) and also efficient (doing things right). We help our clients to see and understand what their common goals are so that they can reach full alignment.  

Achieve a culture of continuous improvement

We facilitate training by using efficient train-the-trainer structures that make it possible for all employees to increase their understanding and shift their mindset at the same time. We train and support our clients as they test, experiment with, and continuously develop new ways of working. We help them develop the capability to adjust continuously to a world in constant change. We want our clients to be the best at delivering maximum customer value.

Some of our forward-thinking clients

Our Story

Over 1000 customers have already changed their ways of working

With our digital training and transformation programs they have gone from:

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Over 900 participants from 25 countries met online to learn more about "Creating a self-improving organization"! View the recorded webinar with Agile expert Henrik Kniberg and Lean expert Niklas Modig (moderator: Beata Wickbom). If you missed the webinar, watch it here!

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“We ended up generating a number of ideas that will improve the way we do things”

Executive manager, Reservoir development Aker BP

Our Approach

How we differ from others

The foundation of our approach is to build and empower individuals so as to ensure that the power of all leaders and employees is used in the very best way. Making the complex world of operational excellence easy and available to everyone has been a bedrock of our success. It also makes our training powerful and enjoyable and results in instant and sustainable improvements. Our approach has been tested, refined, and practiced in many industries over more than a decade.

This is our approach

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